Saturday, June 29, 2013

Week 82: June 23 - June 29

Picnicing at the pool

A new book, starring Baxter as a rooster - Cock-a-doodle-doo

Daddy, please take me with you to Chicago!!!

We've got a climber...and a terrified Mom
Daddy and Bax day!
Snugglin with Shamous

Pizza and a book...could this day get any better?

Preparing for a puppet show

Hanging out at the library with a new friend

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Week 81: June 16 - 22

 Happy Fathers Day Daddy! 

The perfect gift....matching Cleveland Browns T's! 

Jazz, Shamous and Bax showing their love for Daddy.

For all of you unfamiliar with a kids pool, we have one of the best at the Middle TN YMCA.  It is a water play land and Baxter loves it!

Daddy and Bax getting ready to get soaked!

Look at Baxter swimming alone.  Little guy loves the pool!

Pre - Shot...happy as can be.  However it is his last one for awhile.

Baxter checking his stats...33" and 26 lbs 8 oz.  Our little guy is growing.  He is now 65% for height and 80% for weight.

Even though he knows the shot is coming, it is mandatory to take a quick break to read one last book before the shot.

And of course one last comfort kiss from Mommy before Dr. M and the shot.

Dr. Mukundan informs Baxter of his stats and that today will be his last shot until her turns five.  Yippy!

Checking the vitals before the shot....

Shot is over, now it is time to get out of here!

Our little day trader... its all about supplimental income for Baxter!

Baxter on a turtle hunt, and he found one!

Taking a dip with Mommy in the lake.  Gotta love country living!

Keeping busy while Shamous is at the doctor. 

Good ole fashion game of KING OF THE HILL.  Boys will be boys.

Typical post play date snooze! 

Chinese... Of course it souunds great!  Bonzai!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Week 80: June 9 - June 15

Getting a closeup of the zebras at the Como Zoo

Checking out the flamingos...we don't have these in Nashville

Giving Grandpa an early Father's Day present before heading home

Back to Nashville...what a great trip to the twin cities area.

There is a definite temperature change between Nashville and MSP.

Playing with some new friends in East Nashville

Kicking off Father's Day weekend early with a trip to the pool

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Week 79: June 2 - June 8

Celebrating a half birthday with a half cake...yum!
And Happy 1st birthday, CeCe!

Taking a afternoon dip - how refreshing!

Petting goats is FUN!

Chomp!!!!  We love the Chattanooga Aquarium

Ready for takeoff....MSP here we come.

Teaching Grandpa about animals

Baxter's new best friends...we love the Fernald pups.

Thanks for the awesome dinner, Rex and Karen...hopefully we'll be back soon!

Thanks, my new Browns' gear...hopefully I'll be their lucky charm this year ?????

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Holmseth!!!!  We love you guys.

Meeting baby Harper (Daddy calls making girls cry "The Freedman Effect"...I hope I didn't inherit this Freedman trait)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Week 78 - May 26 - June 1

Morning Kisses for Mommy!

Could it be better for Baxter.... A water fish at the Pool!  He loves it.

Working on Baxter's swimming skills at the pool with Mommy. 

Little man loves him some corn on the cob.

Catching up on a few of his favorite novels.  This is Baxter time.

Now that he knows how to open presents, he loves receiving them.  Thank you Grandma for the lovely gifts from Turkey and Greece!  We love you!

                                       Before                                                                         After

And they said we dont look alike!  Crazy people.  Daddy and Bax enjoying their two for one haircuts!

     Baxter taking time out of his day to pick fresh strawberries.  Bax loves his berries!  The question is did he eat more or pick more during his time in the strawberry field?????

Working on his piano skills as he lounges in his toy crates.