Sunday, October 22, 2017

Week 307: October 15 - October 21

Soccer Sunday

Cooling off after a little scrimidge 

Starting off the week with a work out

Buddies in a basket

Starting the pumpkin patch field trip!

Christie with a carload while the kindergarteners are on their field trip

Perfect pumpkins

Look who we found in the patch!

Can't wait to carve these guys!

Lunch time for the littles

Taking a ride on the big truck

Mrs. Ashford's class is the best!

Bus buddies

Getting some giggles out before dance class


Benny's turn!

This picture = cute
This picture in 20 years = bad news

Our first painted pumpkin of the season

Fall Fest at the Y is fabulous!

Doing some battles while Mommy volunteers at the book fair

Look who got to join kindergarten lunch!

An ice cream treat to celebrate a great week!

An ice cream treat to celebrate a night without coming into Mom's bed (perhaps we need a different method of celebration for this one)

Fun in the sand

Someone worked up an appetite after a big soccer game (with his first goal of the season)!

Happy Birthday, Rex!!!!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Week 306: October 8 - October 14

A nice breakfast at the deli before heading to Wisconsin

We made it!  Hello, Irvines!

Getting ready to pick some apples

But first, a little play time

Baxter's turn!

So fun to be able to reach the apples on the top of the tree

What a beautiful day for apple picking!

Next stop:  pumpkin patch!

Found a new friend!

Heading into the corn maze

Chasing chickens

What a cute little donkey

And, even cuter little chicks.  

Helping Charlottle with some Legos

Trying out the Wii...Wii need one of these!

Potty time before hitting the road!

Made it to Chicago just in time pho lunch!

Our favorite Chicago destination....Lincoln Park Zoo!

Check out the new monkeys at the zoo

It's game time!

Go Cubbies!

Little sleeping beauty

Uh oh...rain delay!

We love Chicago!

Heading to the aquarium!

Go cubs...take 2!

Wet and cold but happy as a clam!

Not this guy....tired and feverish with a yucky cough

Cubs loose game 4, but win the series!!!!  We're coming for you, Dodgers!

Back home, bouncing with friends.

A quick trip to Costco to stock up on stuff for our Cubs v. Dodgers party tonight!