Sunday, March 11, 2018

Week 327: March 4 - March 10

Sunday at the zoo!

A beautiful day to pet a kangaroo!

Cougar time!

Fun times with Daddy!


Baseball season has started!  Go White Sox!

Benny at bat

Captain Benny

It's pajama time!

Looks like the tooth fairy is gonna make a stop at our house tonight!!!!!

Lunch buddies

Soccer season!

Ready for that tooth fairy to leave me some $$$$$

Headed back for first dentist appointment....

No cavities and best patient of the day!!!!

Sushi date

Donuts and haircuts!

First game of the season

Fun times at Chuck E Cheese 

Happy Birthday, Silas!

Ice cream for this guy while brother eats birthday cake!

Monday, March 5, 2018

Week 326: February 25 - March 3

At the top of the world!

Scooter gang...

Batting practice

Super slugger at evaluations

Powering up for the day!

Reading with friends

Another fun trip to gymnastics!

Having fun at school!

World Bingo at Literacy Night

Reading with Ms. Criswell

This stingray is about to get wet....

Helping Daddy with presents....

Doing some whip cream QC

Happy Birthday, Daddy!  We love you!

Practicing some BBall with Mom

A great season of basketball.  Thanks, Coach!

Birthday party fun

Happy Birthday, Henry!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Week 325: February 18 - February 24

Bacon - Breakfast of champions!

Heading into the Biltmore

Silly Sunday!

Checking out the beautiful green house smells

Terrorizing the chickens at the barn

Examining our nature hike finds

Showing off our skills on wheels

Busy day = lots of snuggles for Grandma

First ever Shirley Temple - someone's hooked

Heading home from our fun trip!

Just left the dentist who told us that we need to work harder if that loose tooth is ever gonna fall out

Taco Tuesday

Games after school

Swimming like a shark!

Game Night!

A quick ride before b-ball practice!

Is this basketball or wrestling?

Baseball season is here!

Swinging into Sunday....