Monday, August 14, 2017

Week 297: August 6 - August 12

Bagel with buddies

Music in the park

Trying to get a better view of the orchestra

A little game of baseball in the park

Ending the visit with a massive lobster leg pile up

There's our ride!

All ready to get on board

A snack and a movie....the perfect end to a perfect trip!

Walking to KINDERGARTEN!!!!!

Look at this big guy!

Welcome to Mrs. Ashford's Kindergarten class

Unpacking for the day!

This year is gonna be GREAT!

Learning all about Kindergarten

Playdate with Emmett

Walking to the cross walk

Another after school playdate!

And, a during school playdate!

Snack time with Emmett

Puppet show at the's been a while, but fun as always

Knew those climbing skills would be good for something!

Another puppet show


It's Tomato Fest!!!!!

Vice Principal Sanders is at Tomato Fest!!!!!

The big tomato

Getting ready for the parade (candy time)!

Bloody Mary Party at Rex & Jozette's

Another FUN Tomato Festival!!!!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Week 296: July 30 - August 5

Thanks for coming to Nashville, Grandpa!


Petting goats is a little more fun!

Warming up at the pool

First time in the Barnes' treehouse!

Love this place!

Can't believe this is our first time at the Cumberland splash pad this summer!

But, it's just as fun as we remembered!

Lego Batman Movie!

Thank God Janelle had this potty in her car....this would have been a disaster!

Happy hour at a fancy restaurant!

Funny faces!

Pittsburgh, here we come!

Waiting patiently for the flight

Our BEST flight ever!  Great job, boys!  (I 💗 iPads)

Lunch in Pittsburgh with Blake!

This zoo is gonna be great!

A magical mushroom ride to the hippos

Shopping in Shady Side

What a view!

Taking a ride on the incline

Most fun "train" ride ever!

The B boys (Blake, Baxter & Benny!)

Getting introduced to Pepperoni Bread

Race 1 of 3745 in Pittsburgh

Coloring party!

At the Children's Museum

Making a masterpiece!

This museum is pretty much the coolest!

Clay time with Collette

Holy Batman

Working hard on a project

A water play area, too!!!!

And, an ice table!

Looks like someone got a booty full of ice!

Science is pretty fun!

But, ice cream is too!

Best friends!!!!