Sunday, May 26, 2013

Week 77: May 19 - May 25

Saying "Woof" to a new neighbor

Why so serious, Mom?  Play-dough is supposed to be fun.

Brother time

Sleepy Bax = snuggle time for Mommy

Now I understand why Mommy likes the mall so balloons!

A quick trip to the zoo to play on the fish

Big smile after FaceTiming with Daddy

Yum! Chips and Queso - Ole!!!
(This is Baxter's "smile for the camera" face)

Someone needs a lift after that big meal!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Week 76 - May 12 - May 18

What a crazy week.....  Lots to share.

Happy Mother's Day Mommy! 

Bax and Mommy opening up a gift from Grandma!  Thank You Grandma!

Still trying to determine who enjoyed Mother's Day Brunch at SWAFFLES more... Daddy or Bax?  Either way excellent selection Mommy!

Mom and Bax enjoying a nice day at the Zoo to celebrate Mother's Day.  Ironic that these two monkeys are obsessed with the monkey's at the Zoo.

Crazy Goats!  Maybe one day Aunt Buffy will give me a job on her goat farm! 

Well we now know the little guy loves the petting area of the Zoo!

What the PHO!

Pizza Night!  Bax trying to get a taste of Daddy's cold brewski. 

This juice deprived child got a little aggressive with his apple juice and made a mess of himself.  At least we know he loves juice.

Play date at the park with Mommy! 

This is what happens when Daddy forgets to take back his pen from Bax while driving. 

Gramps, Sherry and Bax enjoying a night at the lake house!  Thanks for visiting us!

Someone say CHEESE!

Gramps and Bax enjoying each others company.

Bax found a new friend, Ms. Martha Grace.  Lil guy couldnt keep his hands off of her.

Three amigos enjoying each other's company.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Week 75: May 5 - May 11

Feliz Cinco de Mayo Tio Justin!

Adios Aunt Laura and Uncle Justin...we loved having you visit!

Bye-Bye Grandpops!  I love you!

Waking up to only Mama...where did all our visitors go?????

Check out my chompers

Yay...Daddy's coming home today!!!!!!

Showing Mom how to play at the park


Learning how to be a farmer (although, I don't think Mommy is the best teacher...where's Uncle Heath???)

Lil Honey Badger!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Week 74: April 28 - May 4

Helping Mom with the dishes

Diet Coke break

Singing / Reading Itsy Bitsy Spider with Grandpops

Feeding the ducks at the Cherokee Steakhouse...favorite activity of the week!

Being silly with Daddy

Too many hugs....

Welcoming Aunt Laura to Tennessee

More reading with Grandpops

Heading out to the Honkey Tonks with Uncle Justin.  Don't we look snazzy in our snap shirts?

Showing Grandpops the awesome Nashville Library

Another book with Grandpops...this is a great week!