Monday, September 25, 2017

Week 303: September 17 - September 23

Enjoying a beautiful Sunday in the park

Some Grandma time

We love Grandma!

Gearing up  for a big day of football game watching

Silly faces!

Monday night football

Working on some homework

Boy Scout Regatta winner!

In the lunch line

Yum!  Chicken sandwiches today!

Picture day for these cuties!

Movie time for the littles

And movie time for the bigs

Just relaxing in the beer garden at a new favorite brewery

Mabel's birthday sleepover!!!!

Coloring cuties

A quick cool down with Jackson during a fun playground meet-up for Mrs. Ashford's class

We might have a winner!

Happy Birthday, Mabel!!!

Birthday Party #2 - Happy Birthday, Jackson!

PiƱata time!!!!

Enabling another helmet habit

Monday, September 18, 2017

Week 302: September 10 - September 16

Ugh...not another bad play by the Browns!

At the horse races!

Go Benny!

Placing our bets....someone (Baxter) is hooked after winning $24.80 for the day!!!!!

And, someone preferred the petting zoo....

A little art time.

Uh oh...a big fall at the playground.  Luckily, we avoided a trip to the ER!

Every day's a football day here!

Happy Birthday, Mommy!

Learning letters at school.

Yes, you're seeing this's what you do when you gotta poo at the park.

Yay!  Grandma's here!

Our little soccer star

Picture day!

Look at those crazy Flying Green Dragons!

Game time!

The Dragon cheering squad!

Baxter's turn

The Red Hawk Cheetahs!

Thanks for the awesome Indian's jerseys, Grandma!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Week 301: September 3 - September 9

Sparklers may have been a bad idea

But not the smoke bombs!!!!

Ugh....sick day for Mom and Benny

 But not too sick to play a little lego

Happy Labor Day!

Practicing some letters at school

Another fun story time with Mommy!

Not so happy about dance class today

Heading to school with Edie

Practicing for the big game this weekend!

Getting ready for a big kick!

Game day!  This little Dragon scored his first goal today!!!!!

A little fun at the park in between games

Some fancy footwork past Jozette

Staying up late to watch the Buckeyes!!!!!