Sunday, July 26, 2015

Week 189: July 12 - July 18

A nice break from Sunday morning muffins...Sunday morning grilled cheese!

Future barrista?

Watch this guy move

But, we still get a few minutes of snuggle time (but less and less every day)

Check out this awesome big brother!

Patiently waiting for Chuck E Cheese to open

Yay!  Chucky finally woke up and opened the doors.  Now Emma and I can play!

Sometimes a popsicle is the only way to cool down in this heat!

Another fun trip to Cornerstone playground

Mommy's little muffin maker

Best buddies

It's been a while since we've had a successful trip to an outdoor playground


Making Daddy a present...he's coming home today!

Requesting clearance for takeoff

Doing some science experiments at Sam's cool science birthday party

Volunteer extroidenaire....Baxter couldn't get enough science!

Week 190: July 19 - July 25

Fun times at Grandpop's 

Boy is it hot out here

Helping Ian harvest green beans

Uh oh...this guy is an accident waiting to happen

More swim lessons...we've got a little fish in the family

Someone looks happy

Morning playdate at Cornerstone

Cuddling with Aunt Buffy & Jazzy

Lunch at a restaurant...we haven't tried this in a while

Showing Grandpops my new Rescue Bots

We finally got to bring home a fish with eyes from the grocery store!  And, this guy ate an eye!!!!

We love swimming at Grandpop's pool (especially now that Nashville is in the 90s)

Getting rid of all the sugar bugs (Notice Benny wants his sugar bugs removed also)

Must have been tasty...only crumbs left

Not sure what the present is yet, but the box is quite a hit!

Birthday breakfast (we're celebrating a couple days early since Daddy will be out of town on the big day)

Too many toys

The East Nashville ducks got a nice lunch today

Helping make Bennett's cake

Opening Birthday presents is so much fun!

Someone's ready for football season

Singing Happy Birthday to myself

Thinking of all the applesauce I can buy with this $$$$

Thanks for all the AWESOME prizes everyone!  

While Baxter's busy with my new toys, Grandpops and I are reading Baxter's new Rescue Bots book...seems like an equal trade

Happy Birthday, Bennett!

That face says it all...Benny certainly didn't like his smash cake like his big brother did on his birthday

Headed up to bed after a great birthday celebration!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Week 188: July 5 - July 11

Silly Sunday morning

Practicing the quarterback sneak attack

It's almost happening...Freedman boys entertaining each other...we've been anxiously awaiting this!

1st day of Oak Hill Day camp!  Horseback riding, swimming & cheetos for lunch - this is gonna be AWESOME!

Helping Mommy with some chores while Bax is at camp 

Look who gets the Ninja Turtle bottle while his brother's away

Uh oh...this guy is an accident waiting to happen

Conga line

Look who got some new Ninja Turtle undies

Hanging out at Grandpa's for happy hour

And celebrating Grandma Sue's birthday with some chocolate cake!

Too bad you're not here to enjoy it with us,'s delish!

Not a huge fan of the bottle, but we're working on it

One last playdate with Elise & Justus before their move to Memphis on Monday