Sunday, December 28, 2014

Week 160: December 20 - December 27

Taking notes at church

Christmas is almost here....

Sharing a BLT with Grandma

Bennett's first baby story time

Playing under the parachute with Bax

Doing an experiment at the Science Center

An early Christmas present / late birthday present.  Either way, I love it...thanks, Gerwes!

It's Christmas Eve!

All bundled up for ICE! at Opryland

Can you believe this is all ice...brrrrr.

What a great Christmas bring on the presents!

Admiring the flowers at the Opryland Hotel

A quick Christmas Eve nap....but don't worry, I'll be up when Santa gets here

Finally, Christmas presents.  Showing Bennett what the Christmas excitement is all about.

Santa came...and brought a stocking full of goodies!

Bennett in his first ever Jingle Jams

Enjoying books in the new cocoa house (Baxter has named the tent where his imaginary bunnies, Tito & Maurice live, the cocoa house????)

Showing Grandpops around the cocoa house

Thanks Grandpops!  I love my new fire bike!!!!

Someone likes Christmas!

Stopping to pet some goats at Santa's village after admiring the Christmas lights at Jellystone.  We had a GREAT Christmas this year.  Thanks to everyone for all the presents and Christmas wishes!

I don't seem to get as many puppy kisses as Baxter, but I still love them!

Yum, avocados are definitely better than green beans

Reading a new Christmas book with Daddy

Check out Bennett's Christmas present to us.....

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Week 159: December 14 - December 20

Making camping vests at Mason's birthday

Someone found a new friend

Someone found a new friend

Playing at monkey's treehouse with Emma

Trying out green beans for the first time...and possibly the last

This chunky monkey needs to cut down on the green bean intake.

Lil B observing Big B...the playmat pro.

Silly Christmas Elves

It's pajama time!

Yum, Yum, Dim Sum

Poor Benny...too sick to enjoy this watermelon

Having lunch after moving Grandpops into his new house.  Welcome to Tennessee, Grandpops!

Making some Christmas presents with Mommy

Happy Hanukah...Where are the latkes?

Let's hope next week is a healthier week for this guy

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Week 158: December 7 - December 13

Where's Baxter?

Getting some computer time after finishing chores for the day

Just hanging out with some friends

Trying out a jumper...let's get one of these at our house!

Can't wait for school to start

In the science corner with Emma doing some experiments

Making some music at the science center

Yay!  I have a jumper at my house now!  This thing is great!

Crib cuddles

Finally, Christmas cookie time!!!!

Lunching with some friends