Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Week 173: March 23 - March 28

Helping Grandpops with some research

At the Science Center, getting ready to build a bird house

Play date with Marian

When you miss a nap because of your brother's swim lesson, Starbucks is necessary

1st trip to the dentist...love that TV on the ceiling

Chik-fil-A break during the long trip to Asheville

Good Morning, Gramps!

Good Morning, Grandma Sherry

Good Morning, Martha Grace (a fellow Cheerio lover)

Testing out my new bug box...this will get a lot of use during mountain nature hikes!

All smiles after a burrito for lunch

Hola, Papa!

3 Amigos

Playing with Gramps and Grandma Sherry at The Asheville Fun Center

Don't worry, I still have all my fingers

As you can imagine, this window will need a good cleaning when we leave

Yay!  Miles and Tate are here!

Teaching Aunt Darcy all about the Paw Patrol

Filling up that bug box on a nature hike

Rocking fireside at the Grove Park Inn

Taking in the beautiful mountain view before lunch

Happy Birthday, Grandma Sherry! 

Teaching Miles how to change my diaper...he'll be babysitting me soon

Benny in a box (learning how to be a Genie)

Celebrating Grandma Sherry AND Gramps birthdays with 2 cakes, ice cream & lots of candles to blow out = a great day for Baxter

Don't worry that the 3 big boys got all the cake...Daddy gave Benny his first taste :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Week 172: March 15 - March 21

Going for a ride with Oscar

Hey, I wanna see the animals too - turn this stroller around!

Practicing knife skills

Hanging bird feeders 

These boys are ready for bunk beds!

Waiting for story time to get started

Gymnastics camp is AWESOME!

We found a new science museum in Murfreesboro...and it has bunnies!!!!!

And a fun room for Benny...we love this place!

NCAA Basketball, wings and cocktails...Awesome Friday!

Shorts in March...lovin spring break!

Getting dirty at the park

There's a reason Oscar is behind the wheel...it looks like Baxter inherited Mommy's driving gene (unfortunately)

Strawberry margaritas and guacamole...Feliz Sabado!

Not quite ready for margaritas and chips, but a cookie will do

This little piggy is ready for bed.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Week 171: March 8 - March 14

Rainy Sunday - shopping and ice-cream!

Getting a tour of all the fun stuff to do at Grandpops' house...can't wait til we can take this guy for a spin!


Getting Benny ready for a ride

Playing the "hanukah"

Art time at the new baby sitter's house

Happy Birthday Burger for Jazzy!  Can you believe we have a teenager in the house?

Good Morning!


Doing some grocery shopping....where is the cookie aisle?

Fun times in the play room

Playing chutes and ladders with Mommy...glad you're feeling better!