Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Week 290: June 18 - June 24

Yum!  Grandpop's pickles are delish!

Headed out to the field for baseball camp

Relaxing while Baxter's at camp

Playtime at a new fun park

First day of camp was a success!!!

Trying the swim test (unfortunately Ensworth didn't teach our little fish to swim the same way that the YMCA wants him to swim- so we need to practice a little more)

But, no problem swimming the length of the pool!!!!!

Three hours of camp, then a 3 hour practice....we're on baseball overload!

A fun playdate with Emmett!

Big ol' brother hugs

Bedtime in the new bunk beds

Our first slumber party tonight!!!!

First ice cream...

Then, movie time....

And, donuts in the morning!!!!  A successful sleepover!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Week 289: June 18 - June 24

Good Morning, Turtles!

Sandcastles at the beach

Dinner time!

An after dinner snack

Cousin cuteness!

Twister tournament!

Headed to lunch!

Waiting for some delicious seafood

Oyster time!!!!!

At the alligator farm

If there's an animal to pet....

these boys will pet it!  (Too bad there aren't any alligators to pet)

Turtle time!

Digging for crocodile bones

Grandma's groupies

Snack time!

Off to fight a fire!

The fun never ends!

Strawberry Daquari, please!

Awaiting more oysters

These hot shots need to cool off in the pool!

Miles finally caught a lizard!!!!!  Coolest day ever!

Beach time with Grandpa

Beach brothers

Sand sprint

Benny on the beach

Heading into town

No fort today because of thunder, but at least we got a picture with this guy!

Hurry, the storm is coming!

The best thing to do when it's raining.

Or is this the best thing to do?  Either way, it definitely involves sugar

Chilling out with Aunt Darcy

One last trip to the splash pad

Fueling up for the long trip home

Home sweet home!