Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Week 225: March 20 - March 26

Play date with the Wilkening girls

Snack time!

Fun at the bounce house

Looking for some good books to check out.  Non-fiction animal books are our favorite these days.

Little B is fearless at the indoor playground.  Baxter was at least 3 before he would climb to the top

Helping cook some scallops for dinner.  We love "aquarium" food.

Welcome to Nashville, Grandpa!

Getting some golf tips from the pro

Lotsa cuteness

Dining al fresco

Icecream face

This guy spotted the Avenger yogurt at the store and talked Mommy into bringing it home.  

Boating with Mabel at the science center

More fun at the science center

Another trip to the doctor...and another ear infection.  April 20 can't come soon enough!

Enjoying some science experiment smoothies with Felix.  



Bouncing brothers

All ready for an easter egg hunt

Buzzed Benny!

Happy Birthday, Raylan!

Getting ready for the Easter Bunny

Getting buzzed like Benny.  Baxter asked for a buzz so Benny couldn't pull his hair anymore :)

Leaving carrots out for the Easter Bunny....Hope he visits our house tonight!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 224: March 13 - March 19

Donut Day!

Mmmm....never tried powdered sugar donuts before

Grocery shoppers

Giving Jazzy her birthday burger...we really miss you Jazzy!

Puddle jumping

Who knew a worm could be so captivating

Cooling off with a sip of water

After school fun at the park

Green waffles for St. Patrick's Day

Back to the doctor....ear infection & pink eye.  Poor Benny.

It's a popsicle day

Soccer practice

Watching Purdue lose with Grandpops

We ran into the firemen at Kroger again!


Accident waiting to happen....

Trying to find some critters in the tree trunk

Check out this baseball stud!

Our little Polar Bear scored a goal!!!!

This book gets about an hour of use every day....definitely our favorite - Thanks Oscar

We've been talking about playing this dinosaur game since Baxter's birthday party

Little B's bowling!

And so is Big B!  

Circus World is so much fun!

Happy Birthday, Charli!

What a fun birthday party!