Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 195: August 23 - August 29

Check out this giant slug...our backyard is like a nature center

Masterpiece in the making

Building a fort at Cornerstone

Another fun trip to Cornerstone

Back at swim lessons at Ensworth....hoping to join the swim team after this session

Practicing mischief while Baxter practices swimming

Someone doesn't like nature story time

And someone couldn't be happier that nature story time involves turtles

Whole apples...a new favorite snack

Singing for tips at the farmer's market

First trip to the sandbox - but not the last!

This is great!!!!

Since Rescue Bots got confiscated at our house, Y Play is a big hit again (they have 2 Rescue Bots)

Rainy day at Monkey's Tree House

We are finally finding activities that both boys can enjoy...sure makes life easier!

I love Grandpops!

Looks like Spiderman couldn't defeat Grandpops the SuperVillian

Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 194: August 16 - August 22

Reading one last time with Grandpa before he heads home

What happened to all the fish in this pond?

Hanging out with 2 grandpas in one day is great!

Can you believe August in Nashville and it's too chilly for the outdoor pool?

Winding down after a big day
Library Day!!!!

Getting a closer look at a bug that's taken residence on our porch

Ahhh...good old dragon park

Fun for everyone at this park!

Another earache...we are here way too often.

This guy would brush his teeth all day if he could....let's hope this behavior sticks

Apple picking in August....only in the south!

Yum!  "We sure did pick some delicious juicy apples"

Benny's first pony ride...not quite the animal lover that his brother is...only lasted about 10 seconds.

But this guy loved it - as always!

Baxter is tall enough to ride the awesome rides at the fair this year!

And loving every minute of it!

Of course, the fair food is also a big hit

Benny's first corn dog!

We named this guy Buzzzzz

Where's your helmet?

Last ride of the day

This may have been the best part of the fair

We love petting animals!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Week 193: August 9 - August 15

Sunday morning muffins are getting better and better!

Don't let the face fool you...he loved it!

Another trip to the mall....
Can't beat fresh summer peaches from the farmer's market!

Fun times in Ian's yard

Reading some library books one last time before they go back

Library day!!!!  New books are the best!

Making a sweet treat with Emma

Are they done yet?

Playdate with Ellie

Bennett at 2 am...wide awake and playing with the pups

Hitchin a ride

Grandpa's here!

Playing a favorite game at  Chuck-E-Cheese

Another Chucky lover

Uh...that's not how you play ski ball, Bennett...

Not so sure about this game...

Thanks for a fun trip to Chuck-E-Cheese, Grandpa!


Boy, these ducks sure are hungry!

Helping Daddy season the pork butt

Dancing at the Hot Wing Festival

The hot wings were scarce, but that's ok - snow cones are a good substitute

Practicing some soccer kicks

Just hanging around

At the zoo with Oscar

Can you spot the real elephant?

Getting a little big for Grandpa to hold....

Lucky day...looks like this kangaroo is loving these boys


Perhaps this is why Grandpa can't hold Baxter anymore???

Happy guys

Can you see my kool-aid mustache?