Sunday, July 31, 2016

Week 243: July 24 - July 30

More presents for the birthday boy

Taking the new bike out for a spin
 (but a very short spin - it's hot in Nashville!)

Reading time with Mommy

More presents for Benny - though Baxter is such a good helper!

Not sure if this Trump book was intended for the birthday boy or Daddy?

Daddy Jr. grilling some burgers

Having fun in Quincy's bed

Where's my chips and salsa?

All ready for the trip to Chicago

Headed to the airport

There's our airplane

Benny's last trip as a lap baby

There's the big city!

This train ride is better than a movie

Bahn Mi & spring rolls - some of our Chicago favorites!

Who's the new monkey at the zoo?

Taxi, airplane, train and now the bus!  Could this trip could get any better?

Showing some favorite animals to Grandma

Unfortunately, this didn't last long.  These 2 crazy night owls ruined Mommy & Daddy's dinner plans 

Residence Inn breakfast - still a favorite!

Another day, another bus ride

Checking out the Chicago sights

Buddies at the aquarium

Check out the beluga

Watching the dolphin show with Grandma

Fun at the touch tanks

Penguin 1

Penguin 2

Rainy evening fun at the Lego store

Happy "real" Birthday to our big 2 year old!

We love this guy!

But the birthday fun isn't over

A quick dip in Grandma's pool

Big day - Baxter's first Cub's game!

Go Cubbies!  Bax must be a good luck charm - Cubs win 11-0!

What an awesome train restaurant!

Thanks for taking us here, Leo & Violet!

Playing spike ball at Mike's

Meeting new friends at Mike's BBQ!  What a great trip to Chicago!  Can't wait for our next trip!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Week 242: July 17 - July 23

Swimming at Ian's 

Starting the day with pancakes

And ending with popcorn!

Digging for dinosaurs

"Baxter's turn"  Guess this guy doesn't wanna play Pie Face

Uh oh!  Some got a Pie Face

Might not want to play, but doesn't mind reaping the rewards of Mommy's Pie Face

Hugging BFF goodbye on our way out of Y-play

Waking up the little guy after a busy day at camp

Best Buddies!

A bunch of froggies at the splash pad

Look at our luck...the snow cone truck stopped by the splash pad

Starting off birthday party day with a donut, of course

Can't tell if this face is happy about donuts or not????

A fun trip to the zoo with Ian

It's Ice Day - but it sure feels hot!

Is that our buddy, Big?

It's party time!

Pool, Water balloons & friends...what could be better?

Chips and salsa for the birthday buddies

Our favorite 2 year olds

Happy Birthday, Benny & Edie!

The cupcakes (or at least the frosting) is a hit!


What a nice guy - helping Edie open presents

Benny has helpers too!

Reading some new books with Price

And some old books with Felix