Sunday, April 26, 2015

Week 177: April 19 - April 25

At the exotic pet expo...tiny turtles were the favorite

New stadium - New Ozzy

First Sounds game of the season

Glad Grandpa was able to enjoy it with Daddy and me!

Favorite part of the game

It's corn season!!!!

Everyone's happy about corn on the cob!

Walking to school


Chewing everything...I think we have some teeth coming in

Going in for a puppy kiss


Daddy & Baby Tigers

Teaching Benny how to make funny faces

Yay!  Grandpops is back from vacation!

Baxter in a basket

3 little bunnies in the cocoa house

Headed out on a date...

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Week 176: April 12- April 18


Wrestling or hugging?  Hard to tell.

Must be something good on TV

Back at the doctor...this time it was a false alarm.  For once we have a healthy household (except for the perpetual runny noses)

April showers bring lots of indoor playground time

Someone's eyeing those cheerios...

Uh oh!

Daddy and Benny

Puzzle time...AGAIN!

All ready to get chopping at cooking class

And the finished project...fruit kabobs!

Happy hour with Grandpa

Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 175: April 5 - April 11

Look what the Easter Bunny brought!  

Easter snuggles from Jocelyn

On an egg hunt

Some last minute egg coloring

Getting some egg dying tips from the pros

Thanking the bunny for all the special Easter treats he brought

One last Easter pose with Charlotte

When at the mall visiting the Easter Bunny, a stop at the play land is inevitable

Another week, another science experiment.   This week - jumping corn!

Looks like Daddy made another great breakfast!

Ugh...back at the dentist, getting a sugar bug removed.  Thank goodness for those ceiling TVs

Loving my Easter puzzles from Grandma.  And, loving showing Nicole the puzzle pro in action

Showing Nicole the turtles at the zoo

What a fun week with Nicole...we are gonna miss her

Playtime at the ice cream shop 

Well, someone enjoys when Baxter goes to the dentist (and brings home balloons)

Just hanging out under the table (I'll have to keep this spot in mind when I start playing hide and seek with Baxter)

Watching Ian's first baseball game.  Can't wait to get on the team!

Dining al fresco and enjoying the beautiful weather


Having a blast at Veronica's Superhero Birthday Party

Tackled by Batman

Who says I can't have fun while Baxter's at the party?