Monday, December 11, 2017

Week 314: December 3 - December 9

Madden match

It's party time!

Reading to some little friends before the party

Game time!


Practicing some baseball accuracy!

Hot Potato Soccer Ball!

Happy Birthday to Baxter!

Lots and lots of friends = lots and lots of presents!  Thanks everyone!

Buckeyes v. Browns

Now that Baxter's birthday is over, it's officially Christmas time at our house!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

A quick snack before school

Back at the doctor....but this time just for an ENT checkup.  Tubes are looking good!

Playdate with Jackson

Another sick day....

Holiday card sneak peak

Helping Daddy with dinner

Ninjabread time!

Decorating our little ninjas

And of course, a taste test....

Monday, December 4, 2017

Week 313: November 26 - December 2

Sunday football with friends

Playing at playground after Spanish club

It's Christmas time at City Road

Another sick day

After a bunch of throwing up, all better by the time we get to the doctor

We have pet ants!

Little monkeys

Look who got a Wii for his 6th birthday!

Loving Baxter's birthday breakfast choice

Practicing letters with Mom

A quick game of tennis before school

Passing out birthday treats

Yum!  Football rice krispy treats

We love Wii

Thanks for the football target, Benny!

Go Buckeyes!

This scooter is FAST!

Happy 6th Birthday, Baxter!

He's grown a bit in the past 313 weeks!

Beating Grandpops 2-1 during a baseball game

Getting ready for Hip-Hop recital

Cute as can be, but I'm not sure we'll be signing up again...dancing just isn't in his DNA.

Happy Birthday, Felix!

This was our 2nd party of the day....and Baxter's is tomorrow.  That's a lot of cake!

Officially wore this guy out!

And, this guy!

This best way to wake up....Madden Football game - The Irvines are the BEST!!!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Week 312: November 19 - November 25

Playing with cousin Tinkerbell

Balancing Brothers

Loving the zip line at the park

Needing a little help from Uncle Justin 

Heading into the market

Watching some cheese making (before sampling)

This is why we came to Seattle...look at all this great seafood!!!!

And, of course to see them throwing fish

Adding a sample to the famous gum wall

Best Dim Sum ever....

Not happy that there isn't a present for Benny

Thanks for the early birthday present, Aunt Laura & Uncle Justin!

Football at the park, in the rain...Baxter's favorite Seattle activity

Hermit Crabs & a giant touch tank at the Science Center

Performing some laparoscopic surgery

Giant bubble time!

Relaxing with Mom after a big day!

Reading Green Eggs and Ham to Benny

Another touch tank.  Seattle has some cool tide pools

Mini sharks

Waiting for the bus

Crafting with Aunt Laura

Getting ready for our whale watching trip

Looking for Orcas!

The only blue skies we saw....they picked the perfect time to appear

Successful Orca Adventure.  We saw about 2 dozen orcas, a California Sea Lion, a couple Stellar Sea Lions, Harbor Seals & some beautiful rainbows!

Helping Uncle Justin with the Pilgrim Cinnamon rolls

Thanksgiving with Cousins!!!  

Warming up with some hot cocoa before the Macy's Christmas Parade

This little turkey loved the parade (and all the candy he got)

Another game of football

Snuggling with Aunt Laura and Tinkerbell

Not sure this is gonna be a safe ride home....