Monday, June 29, 2015

Week 186: June 21 - June 27

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!  We love you!

Out for an early morning stroll

Sunday morning muffins are the best!

Take a look at Benny's lip...a little tumble the night before.  There was LOTS of blood, but he took it like a champ

Father's Day fishing 

Look at this cool cat

A new favorite "toy"  How are we going to Bennett proof all the vents?

Saying hi to baby Ellie...what a cutie!

Beep Beep

This is what quiet time looks like

We LOVE library day.  New books are the best!

Playing a tune for Shamey

Baxter & Benny Booties

Look who's walking!!!!

Swim lessons are fun...but not too much learning going on

Getting a lesson from Daddy after swim lessons

Finally, we found a park where there is no mulch for Bennett to eat

Enjoying the beautiful weather, while creating a masterpiece

It's been a while since we've been at the mall playland...Benny loves this place now!

This big boy is starting to drink cow's milk...can you believe he's almost a year old?????

Apparently Daddy/ Baxter breakfast = cookies and cupcakes.  What a special treat!

And Daddy / Baxter day includes a trip to the barber

At the zoo playground

This week just keeps getting better and better

Having a blast with Ms. Debbie & Ian

What a great (and exhausting) week!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Week 185: June 14 - June 20

Sunday morning muffin

We forgot how much we love the Brentwood pool

Meeting one of Ian's old buddies

Even after a million times in the crate, it's still cute

Fun times at Y-play with Raylan

First swim lesson at the Y

And playtime afterwards

Pushing 80+ pounds in 90+ weather...Mommy needs a nap!

Loving swim lessons with my new buddy, Hudson

More swim lesson pictures

I knew there was a  reason I wanted Daddy to take me to swim lessons today!

Dog sitting Abby & Buckley while Emma's baby sister is being born

Refueling with my new favorite snack after an hour on the trampolines (Baxter is averaging 6 applesauce pouches a day for the past week - looks like the Freedman's are gonna need a Costco membership to keep up with the demand)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Week 184: June 7 - June 13

At Ian's birthday party, doing some present QC

Walking the plank at the park

Helping Benny walk...he's getting really close

We found a new favorite book at the library (a Ninja Turtle book that we will read at least 126,957,235 times in the next week)

Enjoying the strawberries at the farmer's market

That darn Ninja Turtle book, again

And, if it's not the book, its the turtles, themselves

Cooling off...summer weather has arrived in Nashville!

Ninja turtle brothers

Benny has front row seats the Baxter unplugged show

Saturday duck feeding

3 little piggies licking up crumbs from a dropped granola bar