Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 251: September 18 - September 24

Hotdog for Halloween?

Another picture of Benny snacking....

Doing some gymnastics while Baxter is at swim lessons

Coloring!!!!  Our favorite activity this week

A little early morning art

Reading with Felix & Christie

Getting a preview of what's to come....

Petting zoo at the farmer's market...our favorite!

Benny is on a mission to pet torture this duck

Fall fest sure is hot....are you sure it's almost October?

More coloring fun!

Picture day at City Road...stay tuned for pictures of this handsome lil guy!

Having fun at school

Talking Legos with Townes

Cheetah practice

This Cheetah is ready to attack!

Getting our house ready for Halloween

We are going to have the spookiest house on the block

The pumpkin decorating has begun!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Week 250: September 11 - September 17

Check out my new shoes!

Morning hugs with MoMo

Happy Birthday, Mommy!

Make a wish

Mommy got a Roku!  Which means we have Netflix and can watch Avengers & Pokemon!!!!

These boys are WILD!

The Grinch came to school! (And terrified Benny)

Baxter's August self portrait.  They will continue to do this every month so we can see the progress throughout the year

Snack time after a fun playtime at Cornerstone

Who needs hands when you can brush your teeth like this

We love after school time at the library!

Looking for the camouflage fish before heading to class

Messy popsicle faces

Did any of that donut make it IN the mouth?

Breakfast of champions

Soccer stud!

The Flashing Cheetahs

Looking for a snack

Happy Birthday, Meadow!

Blue fishy cupcakes are the best!

Guess it makes sense to get wet at a Finding Dory party


The best way to spend a rainy afternoon

Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 249: September 4 - September 10

Best job ever...holding Baxter's lollipop while he pets the stingrays at the Chicago Aquarium

Successful day...3 stingray pets

Some pre-lunch fun 

Catching the ferry back to the hotel...favorite part of the trip to Chicago

Best seat in the house

A quick cool down before the long walk back

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

We love you!

On the train to the airport

Playing with some new toys at the airport

Brothers boarding

Not the best flight for Benny, but at least we got a good picture

Back in Nashville having fun while Daddy shops for an upcoming trip to the Caribbean

The best way to spend Labor the Lego Store

Finally, Benny's at school and Big B isn't....Mommy and Baxter have some fun planned!

And it involves A TON of super hero video games

Wait...who doesn't belong?  You'll get your turn with swim lessons soon, Benny!

Playing with Grandma while Mommy and Daddy take a long weekend trip to St. Kitts (Daddy's award trip for work).  Wonder who's having more fun?