Sunday, January 26, 2014

Week 112: January 19 - January 25

Showing of my muscles at gymnastics class

Building houses with Grandpops

Yay!  Pork chop night...thankfully I don't have to share the bones with Jazzy and Shamous.

Naptime at school...getting some last minute zzzzz's before Mommy wakes me up

Get outta my bootie, Jazzy.  You'd think she'd stay away since I don't wear diapers anymore.

Snuggles with Mommy

I knew there was a reason I liked the mall...pretzels!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Week 111: January 12 - January 18

Swimmin Sundays are the BEST!

Heading to the park always puts a smile on my face

Driving Mommy at the park

Just playing a little tub tune

Geez, Daddy, take a break from the noodles...

Beep! Beep!  This car does not slow down til we make it to the cookie isle

Singing with the Professor at story time.

My new favorite…Spiderman juice!  

When are the biscuits coming…I'm starving!

Potty Training Day 1!  Underpants #1 of 8 for the day.

Potty Training Day #2 - Only 5 accidents…we're getting there!

Week 110: January 5 - January 11

All ready for the first day at my new school…too bad it's cancelled because of snow

First story time of the new year…and first time going up on stage by myself!

Craft time…making butterfly art.

Waffles for breakfast, lunch and dinner….what a great day!

Practicing for my "real" first day at the new school

Yay!  Emma's in my class.  So far, this school is fantastico!

Baxter has started a Parent's Day Out program at El Jardin de los Ninos.  It is located at aPresbyterian church about a 1/2 mile from our house.  He goes Monday and Wednesday from 9-2.  It is a spanish immersion program, so expect muchos 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Week 109: December 29 - January 4

Playing (or resting) at the mall with Grandma and Tate

Trapped by a Braden hug

Showing Braden and Grandma how fantastic the Nashville Y's are

Learning some Karate moves 

Petting sharks with Braden, Mommy and Uncle Brett

Watching the penguins

Lunch time!  Celebrating NYE with Uncle Brett and Braden is the BEST!
Bye-bye Uncle Brett

Auf Wiedersehen, Braden

Playing with some of Ian's new Chistmas toys

Happy New Year!

Finally getting a nice rest after all our guests have left

Enjoying a donut for breakfast on the way to pick up our pig!

Week 108: December 22 - December 28


Getting some office work done before all the guests arrive

Sharing breakfast with Grandpops

Watching the cows at the zoo

And getting enough courage to pet the snake….

Celebrating an early Christmas with Ian

Yay!  Grandma's here!

And, Miles is here!
And, Tate and Aunt Darcy are here!!!!

Showing Tate the Christmas tree

Christmas Eve Dinner….leftovers for the boys, roast beef for everyone else!

Jingle Jams!

Santa made it!  Checking out what he brought.

Time for the big presents!

Who is this big one for?

Look, it's a pop up camper from Aunt Laura & Uncle Justin…thank you!

Getting out some after Christmas energy at the gym

Saying good night to Aunt Queso - my new fish from Aunt Buffy, Uncle Sean and Queso (the first)

Yay, Uncle Brett and Braden are finally here…now we can really use this car!