Monday, August 28, 2017

Week 299: August 20 - August 26

A delish breakfast at the hotel....

Before heading to the Children's Museum!!!!

Enjoying the beautiful views....

Before a fun trip to the aquarim!

This place is GREAT!

So much fun stuff to try out!

We've got a little caterpillar

And, a penguin!

Learning that what comes up, must come down!

Snack time!

Heading home....

Bye was fun!

It's football season...the helmets have made a comeback!

Eclipse Party!!!!!!

We're lucky enough to be in the path of total coverage!

Total darkness at 1:00pm is pretty cool!

Sick day....

Getting ready for story time at the downtown library

Just relaxing with a good book!

Heading into dance class

Y play fun

Red Hawk Cheetah practice

Funny faces

Dairy Queen Date

Time for another haircut!

A quick trip before practice

Flying Green Dragon practice

Game Day!!!!!

Those silly dragons!

A team of champs!  Awesome first game!

Powering up with some pupusas after the game

Party time!!!!

Happy Birthday, Dylan!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Week 298: August 13 - August 19

Sanctum after a long swim!

Walking to the Grandpop's marina for a quick boat ride before lunch

Waiting for a dentist appointment....No cavities!!!!

Getting ready for another fun day of kindergarten

Walking into school alone....what a big boy!!!!

Dance class...this is gonna be fun!

Soccer practice....this guy has been waiting his whole life to play!

Cooling down after a hard practice

In the big leagues now!

Mom & Baxter headed to dinner

Patiently awaiting a nice big pitcher of margaritas!

Heading to Chicago (without Mom & Baxter)!

When in Chicago....Cinnamon rolls are a must!

What a beautiful city!

The other 1/2 of the family is at the aquarium!!!!

Giving Benny (the otter) a kiss!

Lunch at the Buffalo place!!!!

A lake side stroll with Grandma

Was that a butterfly on my head?

A great day for touching animals...1 snake, 2 lizards, 4 butterfly & countless stingrays!

Beach fun!

Smiling at the shark 

Checking into the Chattanooga hotel

Too much fun in Chicago

A little riverfront fun!

The yummiest stop of the day!

Heading into the IMAX for an underwater adventure

Happy 40th, Terry!

Partying with some older women!