Sunday, March 30, 2014

Week 121: March 23 - 29

Sharing some cheese crackers with Queso

Trying on boots is Baxter's favorite activity these days

Mmmmm....crawfish and beer - a perfect ending to New Orleans

Back home and cooking dinner with Mommy

Reading a book with Grandpa before bed

"Get down, Jazzy!  This is my bone!"

Waiting at the doctor to see baby brother on TV

Good bye hugs from the ladies

Finally, some spring weather


Shooting some pool at the bar

Lunch break before showing Grandpa the penguins and sharks!

Showing Grandpa some of the best parts of the aquarium

Who's in the lobster tank?

The aquarium is always fun - even with a tumble and face scrape.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Week 120: March 16 - March 22

Finally on the cruise...this is great!

Not quite ready to hit the links with Grandpa...but practicing

Water slide...This might have been the FAVORITE cruise activity

Beating Mommy at another game

Enjoying another sunny day at sea

Let's take a dip, Daddy

Welcome to Jamaica...check out our huge boat

Enjoying the Jamaican scenery

But LOVING the Jamaican beach!

Taking a ferry to Grand Cayman

The turtle farm was the favorite port activity

Someone's about ready to trade in Aunt Queso for a turtle in the tank

Chasing an iguana

More turtles....this is great!

Cliff diving

And cooling off after all that fun with a nice island brew

Who knew that the cone would be a bigger hit than the actual ice-cream?  A lot less messy when a 2 year old only wants the cone

Taking a water slide break 

Checking out the NCAA scores with Daddy....go Tennessee!

Argh....we picked up this scurvy pirate from kid's club before heading to our final dinner of the cruise

Some dinner dancing.  Baxter is quite the dancer these days.  What a wonderful vacation!

Week 119: March 9 - March 15

Happy hour with Grandpa

Enjoying the nice Nashville weather out on the patio

This little piggy went to get a haircut

Getting a summer cut for vacation

Headed to the airport

Getting some caffeine before starting vacation

Enjoying a po boy with Aunt Buffy

Parks in New Orleans are just as fun as in Nashville!

Making pizzas with Madison


Riding a frog at the New Orleans Aquarium

Crawfish for dinner!

Can't get enough of these lil guys (probably ate 3 dozen)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Week 118: March 2 - March 8

First night in the big boy bed in the new big boy room!

Looks like it was a good night judging by the happy face for breakfast

Braving the bounce house

Don't worry - just blueberries - not a crime scene victim

Enjoying a birthday burger to celebrate Shamous's 11th Birthday!

Yay!  Daddy's home from Vegas

Exploring the bamboo forest at the zoo

Donuts with Daddy