Monday, August 29, 2016

Week 247: August 21 - August 27

Thanks for the Legos, Grandpa!

Catching a ride to the next sample station at Costco

A fun day at the bowling lanes

Who knew we had a super star bowler???

Picking the best ball was the highlight

Daddy - 108
Baxter - 67
Bennett - 106
Watch out Daddy - Benny almost beat you on his first game!

No trip to the bowling alley would be complete without some games

Lunching with Quincy

Helping Daddy make some dinner


Heading to swim lessons is always better with a cookie!

Back in swim lessons and we finally got a boy teacher!

Walking to school

Getting some breakfast from Ms. Amy

Check out those crazy boys at the top of the slide

Working on the tracks

Happy hour at Las Maracas!

Puzzle pro doing some pre-bed puzzling

Bye-Bye Ira - have a great weekend!

We love the school library

Benny's made himself right at home at Ross

Showing little B some soccer moves at practice

It's haircut time!

Looking sharp!

Getting ready for the big first game.  "Go Flashing Cheetahs"

These Cheetahs are ready to play!

After heat exhaustion at the soccer game and an afternoon downpour, some coloring is just what the doctor ordered.

Since we got rained out of the car races,  we'll just make our own speedway

All smiles when ice cream is on the menu!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Week 246: August 14 - August 20

Sunday morning at the zoo

And, Sunday morning at Grandpop's house

Grandpops is cooking tonight...YUM!

Showing Mabel all the fun at the indoor pool

These popsicles get a double thumbs up

Berries & creme...a new obsession these days

Snuggle sandwich

Thinking about a good answer for the question of the day!

Look who's wearing a pull-up...potty training starting soon!

Showing Grandpa my awesome school

Maybe Daddy & Benny can help out with the question today

When Daddy's in town, this is our after school activity - ICECREAM!

A bunch of trouble makers watching Tom & Jerry

Showing the meerkats to Grandpa

Look who discovered a new addition to the zoo...lettuce eating tortoises!

Terrorizing the sleeping goats

And terrorizing the restaurant.  I guess our run of good behavior while dining out has ended

Building a boat with Grandpops

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Week 245: August 7 - August 13

Lazy Sunday morning

Storytime selfie

Where's Mr. Andrew?

Some solo playtime

We love our friends

Little bookworm

When Baxter's away, Benny will play

Choo Choos, happy to not have to share finally!

Helping Baxter with the question of the day at school

Headed to school

Look who we ran into at Ross

Can't wait to get to class

We love the question of the day!

A special treat for a special boy.  So proud of this guy - he's doing so great at Pre-K!

Getting ready for a delicious breakfast at school

While Baxter's at school, this guy's got a breakfast date with MoMo

Booster the Rooster at Ross!

Having fun at the mall while we wait for Daddy's plane to land

Why did we never think to play at the Lego store before?

Booster again?  "Is this chicken following me?"

Turtle time

That's one big slide!

Free popsicles?  Count me in!


That's what big brothers are for...

The first of 3 snow cones at the festival...hey it's hot out here!

A quick break from the tomato fest

Hey Edie...can you share?

Polishing off #3

Snack time

Hunting for Pokeman

These boys are officially Pokeman obsessed

Tomato fest is the best