Saturday, April 27, 2013

Week 73: April 21 - April 27

Finger painting in the sun.

The after picture - not too messy for our first painting session
A quick snack before heading out to pick countertops with Mommy

Fun with play-dough

Craft week continues with some coloring

As long as there's a sucker involved, haircuts are fun times!

What a big boy - using a fork all by himself

This is one cool cat

Baxter loves balls!

Summer has's popsicle season!

Happy Birthday, Charlie!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Week 72: April 14 - April 20

Happy Birthday, Uncle Justin...can't wait to see you!

The face of a 103 degree fever

Lazy day

Boy's day at the aquarium in Chattanooga

Pointing out all the fish ("shhhh" as Baxter says!)

Mr. B definitely has a favorite animal

Spaghetti night!!!!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Week 71: April 7 - April 13

Admiring Daddy's first catch of the season

Entertaining Karen and Owen with a puppet show

Patiently waiting for a meat and 3 breakfast

Pointing out the fish in the aquarium

Cooling off....Nashville is HOT!

Slurping lo mein noodles
Showing Matthew how to ride a motorcycle

Someone got the Dorito gene from his Daddy....
(Justin - I think it's a definite back seat ride for you if you go up against any of the Freedman boys)

Mr. mustard face

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Week 70: March 31 - April 6

Meeting cousin CeCe...what a cutie!

Saying hi to Grandpa.

On an Easter egg hunt...too bad Cousin Braden ate all the candy.

Sharing an Easter snuggle with Grandma and Braden

Hanging with Grandpa

Storytime with Grandma

Happy Easter, Mommy

What handsome Freedman boys!

Congratulations on your Baptism, CeCe!

Look at the pretty Easter flowers.

Too bad Germany isn't closer so we could see these guys all the time.

Playtime with Keagan and Charlotte and Annabelle.

Hanging out with the Irvines in our new place.

Baxter's new little reading nook.

Our new place may be bigger, but someone seems perfectly content in a little dog crate!

All aboard!!!  Thanks to the Irvines for all my new toys!!!!

With 7 teeth, who needs applesause?  Slices are my new favorite treat!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Week 69: March 24 - March 30

Trying out a comb-over

Getting riding lessons from Mommy

About to crash into the wall....

Story time with the Gerwe girls.

Thanking baby Jack for sharing his pacifier

Arm wrestling with Lyla

More fun with the Gerwe girls

Playing follow-the-leader. 

Taking a much deserved break with Ellie

Enjoying an Easter treat

Look what the Easter Bunny brought!!!!

I'm not too sure about this fuzzy guy....

Getting an Easter snuggle from Daddy

Saying bye-bye to the Gerwe's before heading to Indy for Easter #2....