Sunday, October 27, 2013

Week 99: October 20 - October 26

Looking for Puffer the kitty under the bed

The Feinstein bunch at brunch

And the Birkholz bunch at brunch

Snacking on some donut holes before the flight home from Boston

Curious George marathon during the flight

At Macy's with Mom

Aren't I cute in my new hat from Aunt Buffy????

Playing Daddy a tune while he works

Visiting Aunt Buff and Uncle Sean in Atlanta -1st and last trip, since they are moving to NOLA soon :( 

 It's apple juice....
Look at all these fish at the Atlanta aquarium!

Nothing beats the penguin exhibit

Hard to turn away from all the fish for a picture

Fireman Bax

Playing the drums in the park...this may come in handy next time we're homeless

If you look close, you can see that the big smile is due to snuggling with my new best friend Queso -  and not the book Mom is reading

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Week 98: October 13 - October 19

Happy Birthday, Aunt Laura!

Hop Hop...we love the new kangaroos at the zoo

Taking a ride on the zoo train

Last stop at the zoo...the goat farm

Shopping with Mommy - a favorite activity

Driving at the park

Rainy day "bubble" bath

Having some breakfast before the long ride to Boston

Getting the airplane ready for takeoff

Fun at the airport...

Thank goodness for Curious George....

Showing Daddy how to hula hoop

Hanging out with cousins Katie, Erik & Kelly while Mommy and Daddy are at the casino

Lunching with the ladies (Kelly, Katie, Aunt Beth & Aunt Elaine) & Erik

Kelly is the best! 

Enjoying fall in New England 

Taking a break to play a tune...hey, I do have Nashville roots after all...

Showing Mr. Penguin the bunny hutch

Showing Kelly what I learned earlier this year at the Blackard farm

Pumpkins are everywhere!

Taking a soak with Uncle Justin 

Pointing out all the tractors to Mommy

King of the hill

Picking apples with Mommy and Kelly

And ending our apple orchard trip with a pony ride!!!!

A family picture before eating a lobster to celebrate Grandma Sue's life

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Week 97: October 6 - October 12

Fireman Baxter learned how to stop, drop and roll at school

Quit hogging the icecream, Mom!

Study time at the library

Haircuts are awesome...or maybe it's the Skittles???

What do you think? Best haircut ever?

Saying "hi" to the barber's stuffed raccoon

Hard to believe it's apple's still summer weather in Nashville

But, the apples are still delicious.  And, this year we are enjoying whole apples and not just applesauce.

Quiet time in my reading nook.

Pony ride at Octoberfest...the highlight of Baxter's life!