Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Week 21 1/2: April 22 - May 2

A big Baxter smile to start the week.

Packing for the big Chicago trip.

At PVD, going through security.

Ready for takeoff.

Breakfast with Judy.

Lunch with Brian.

Dinner with the Maguires.

Hanging with Beth at Big Star.

Drinking with Daddy and Uncle Sean.

Snuggling with Aunt Buff

One last hug from Mike before heading out to Beth's 30th Birthday Party.

Playing with Grandma.

Meeting Dina.

Who's head is bigger? Baxter or Miriam?

Cuddling with Sophie.

So happy to finally meet Jocelyn.

Playing with Calvin.

Chillin with Charlotte.

All this visiting is tiring.

Ending the night with Dan.

And headed home - with a first class upgrade!

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