Monday, December 24, 2012

Week 55: December 16 - 22

Now Baxter understands the meaning of the "Windy City"! 

Baxter is hanging with the Irvine clan in Wisconsin. 

Hanging with Mrs. Geli in Lake Geneva, WI.

Baxter just wanted to make sure this box was acceptible to use for packing presents.

Baxter helping Grandma Donna unpack her new kitchen table.

Anxiously awaiting my first bowl of PHO.  Have to say it was PHOtastic!

Celebrating Christmas with Grandma Donna.

One of many wonderful presents from Grandma Donna!

Reading my new book... Peek A Boo! 

Taking a dip in Grandma Donna's new pool. 

Taking a few minutes to understand why the Grinch wants to steal Christmas?  I dont understand why....

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