Sunday, February 10, 2013

Week 62: February 3 - 9

Only a few more hours left until Grandma arrives!  Woo hoo!

Taking Grandma for a stroll thru Dragon Park!

Exploring the tail of the Dragon with Grandma!  I cant believe this mosaic art work!

Snuggle time with my favorite pooch!  Mrs. Snugglesworth.

Mr. B cant get enough of Jazzy these days.

Mr. B maintaining his fort at the YMCA play land.  Still working on companionship and making new friends!

Just a little brotherly bonding as Mr. B and Shamous gaze at the squirrels outside.

Grandma and Mr. B taking a stroll down Elmsworth Lane!

A little fresh air always puts a smile on Mr. B's face. 

Mr. B and Grandma having a little heart to heart as they stroll the neighborhood.

If you got wheels then you better ride them!  Life in the fast lane for Baxter.

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