Sunday, December 1, 2013

Week 104: November 24 - November 30

Having fun with cousins

Salami and eggs….I knew I loved Cleveland

Driving through the Giant Eagle with Tate

Our first Christmas tree sighting this season

Playing Go Fish with Miles

More raspberries please!

Showing my new buddy Rorey how to drive

Giving Rorey a thank you kiss for sharing all his toys with me.  Pittsburgh was FUN!

Do you have a quarter?

Back in Cleveland, on the train with Daddy

And now on the trolley….

And finally at the Science Center…it was worth the commute!

This is a HUGE tree!

Yay!  Grandpa is finally in Clevelnand!

Boys in boots!

Who needs Six Flags when you have an Uncle Heath?

So good to see Debbie, again!

Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

Who is this good looking family?

Miles, glad you could join the picture!

Cousin hug!

Happy Birthday cupcakes are the BEST!

But, opening Happy Birthday prizes isn't bad either

Thanks for great present, Isaac!

Hanging out with my favorite babysitter of the week

Another cousin photo

It's Grandpa's turn to open presents, now

But, we can help him, right?

At the movies with Daddy (in the popcorn line, of course)

Holding hands with Tate during the movie

And finally headed home from a great week in Cleveland

Loading up the Menorah with Mommy

And, lighting the candles with Daddy

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