Sunday, June 22, 2014

Week 133: June 15 - June 21

Bye Bye Uncle Justin & Aunt Laura...we really enjoyed your visit!

Ian has the BEST yard!

Reading with Stephen during a Father's Day BBQ

Thanks for the ice cream, Aunt Buffy!

Too bad it was such a short visit, but I gotta get to Cleveland....take care of Mommy while I'm gone!

The best part about flying with Daddy...airport snacks!

Doing a quick preflight check

What a big day...exhausting!

Finally in Cleveland with Pirate Tate!

Reading with Aunt Darcy is fun

Yep, milkshakes in Cleveland are as good as the ones in Nashville

Having fun at the pool

Hanging out with Grandpa 

A quick lunch with cousins before heading to the zoo

What a bunch on monkeys

Just catching up on some reading while everyone else watches a movie

Taking Uncle Brett, Braden and Penguin for a walk

Having fun at Starbucks with Braden

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