Monday, September 8, 2014

Week 144: August 31 - September 6

Looking for Chattanooga with binoculars

Boy is the aquarium fun!

In the shark tank...YIKES!

Petting sharks and stingrays with Daddy

What a busy weekend...time for a nap!

Happy Labor Day....looking forward to the end of this HOT summer and cooler days ahead.

Having a fun labor day cookout with Mommy and Madeleine

Baxter and the girls!

Mmmmm....Indian night

Wonder what he did to get a lollipop? Must have been a good boy!

Little guys can have playtime, too!

Haircut time again - my favorite!

Just lounging around before school!

Happy early Birthday, Mommy - can't wait to dig into this ice-cream cake.

Showing off gymnastics skills to Mommy this week

Another Freedman who loves the camera!

Grandpa's here!

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