Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 148: September 28 - October 4

Cream cheese mustache

Best buddies

Mr. Happy Pants

It's rough being sick

It's nice to be wearing something other than pajamas

Painting a masterpiece

Terrorizing the ducks during a nature walk

Relaxing before a play date at the park...being Baxter's brother is exhausting!

Yay!  A play date with Felix...we've missed him

A quick morning drive before school

Helping mommy make some bread for dinner

Another haircut...but a new barbershop

Dim Sum for dinner!

Chicken sitting over the weekend

Gathering some eggs from the coop

...and bunny sitting too!  Giving her an early trick-or-treat

Another fun gymnastics class

Our first full family photo (at the pumpkin patch)

A perfect fall day at the pumpkin patch & farm

Getting a lift from Mommy after a rough trip through the corn maze

On a hayride with Daddy

Cooking up some fresh chicken eggs

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