Thursday, April 9, 2015

Week 174: March 29 - April 4

A little playtime at the restaurant before eating GIANT biscuits

Watching the Otters and the Nature Center

Training to be Spidermen

Look what just hatched...

Poor turtle...

Science time

Back to the doctor (we thought it would be a quick trip to get Baxter's rash checked, but turns out he's got another ear infection...will this sickness ever end?)


Another day, another science experiment (baking soda + vinegar + food coloring = an hour of fun for Baxter)

Practicing some chopping at cooking class

Getting baskets ready for the Easter Bunny's upcoming visit

Yay!  The Irvines are finally here!

Playing with my cool new rocket launcher...Thanks Irvines!

Getting some computer tips for Keagan

And a bedtime story from my bunk mate, Charlotte

Playtime with my new BFF

Ready to head to the caves to do some spelunking

Exploring the cave

Jr. Caveman

A little fun before lunch

At the speedway, loving life!

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