Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Week 197: September 6 - September 12

Water fight!


Go Cubs!

Baxter for 2!

Another birthday celebration with Oscar!

Return of Señor Tortilla

This was supposed to be Happy Birthday to Emma, but she's under the table (terrified) and Baxter is always ready to have a birthday party!

Just figuring out how much fun birthdays are

Helping Mommy with her presents...thanks, Grandma!

Getting ready to head out for vacation!

Is that our ride?

Not at the beach yet, but vacation has already started for this guy!

BNA - JAX = perfect Benny
JAX-BNA=Benny the Monster

The St. Augustine splash park is AWESOME!

Fun with new friends at the beach

Boogie Board pros!

More fun at the beach!

A 1 year old after a long day at the beach...

And a 3 year old after a long day at the beach....

Yum!  Breakfast at the French Bakery

And back to the splash park

More new friends

Strawberry & M&M pancakes for breakfast

Pinacolada time!

Making a new penguin friend - named Fluffy

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