Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Week 201: October 4 -October 10

Another Sunday at the coffee shop

Why is that sneaky squirrel never home?

Special Big Boy trip to Disney on Ice while Bennett stayed home with a babysitter

The puzzle pro can now do puzzles one handed!

Hanging out in the baby room at school

Ready for a fun day at school!

Dancing machine at the library concert

This guy did AWESOME at the cavities!

Mega muscles

Snacktime at the park

Multi tasking...swinging & snacking

Is Ian home?  (and we though Benny was our climber...)

Playing hide and seek at the neighbor's

About to kick his first goal at soccer practice!!!! (I wish we had a picture of his post-goal dance)

Rainy day play dough time

Headed out to watch the cubbies first playoff game!

It's awesome to watch the game with fellow Cub's fan, Dan!

King of the castle

Best friends

Who needs baby books...skipping right ahead to novels

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