Sunday, May 21, 2017

Week 285: May 14 - May 20

Happy Mother's Day!

Snuggles for Mommy

Couldn't love these guys more!

Uh oh....I guess chasing Baxter around the house wasn't such a good idea

Here's a close up of the damage

And, here it is 3 hours and 3 stitches later!

Get this guy in the bath!

Breakfast buddies

Last day of school for Benny!  It was a great year with Ms. Sara

Got to school early and caught this guy on the playground

Getting ready for the end of the year celebration

Can't believe we almost have a KINDERGARTENER!!!!!!  

After school fun at Lockeland Spring

Another big hit!

Soccer studs!

Last time up to bat as an Indian!

It was a great season, Indians! 

While Baxter and Daddy are sweating on the field, and Mommy's sweating on yard sale duty, at least someone's keeping cool!

This is what happens when you get all wet at an all girl house (you make Mommy's dreams of kids in pink come true)!

And, here's what happens when you decide to get wet again.  What a cutie!!!!!

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