Saturday, August 3, 2013

Week 87: July 28 - August 2

Enjoying a ride on Grandpa Dave's Tractor....  Little concerned as you can see that Grandpa is trying it out with no hands on the wheel.

Spending time in the pool with Grandpa Dave.  This is a daily routine for us.  Grandpa Dave loves his pool and we are so happy to be able to enjoy it with him!  Thank you Grandpa Dave for your hospitality, again!

Taking time to find new reading material for the big plane ride to Chicago!

Paying a visit to our friend Mr. Dino prior to our last dinner before heading to Chicago!

Bus ride from parking lot to the airport.  No car seat... HOORAY!

Spoke to fast, mom has Bax in lobster arms five seconds into the bus ride.  

Where is our plane?  I need to get into Chicago in time for lunch at Ba Le!

Of course Bax needs a nap on the long treck from Ohare to Cousin Judy and Roger's house.  I think we could have remade the movie... Trains, Planes and Automobiles on July 27.

Taking time to remember Grandma Sue!  We love you and miss you!

No you are talking, the little guy enjoying Lincoln Park Zoo with Grandma!  Thanks Grandma, you know I love the Gorilla's!

Grandpa Dave talking to Baxter about his family lineage....the Hippopotamus Amphibius family tree.  Bax now understands why Grandpa Dave loves his pool!

Ooh Ooh Ooh....  Bax loves Monkeys!

What is it with Grandparents and Pools?  Who cares as long as we have access we will enjoy it.  Grandma and the triplets enjoying a pool party!

Thank you Grandma for a great pool party!  We love visiting you and enjoyed our time with you at the zoo and the pool!  Your the best!

Triple the fun hanging with my cousins, Jenny, Nancy and Meghan!  Thanks for a great play date!

Another bus ride from Grandma's to Cousin Judy and Roger's house.

This was a way to blow time while Mom was out with friends and Daddy and Bax were alone.  It all started off as innocent fun, with the idea of a nice stroll on the beachfront.

10 seconds later, our little Bax became a fish in Lake Michigan.

Bax practicing on his butterfly stroke in the shallow water.

Thanks Cousin Judy and Roger for the hospitality.  You guys are the best and are so very generous to our family!  We love you guys and your COOKING!

Flight home for Bax.  He couldn't get enough of the pilots as he listened along during the flight!  Maybe he has his mother's itch for aviation?  TBD.

Back to normal in Durham.  Early morning at the Farmers Market!

Bax getting ahead of Mom and Dad.  Lets go he says, no time to waste we have a big play date today with Uncle Heath, Cousin Miles, Cousin Tate and Grandma Brenda!  

Are you kidding me, the park at the farmers market has a redbird to play on.  Heck Ya!

How did Grandma Brenda know I love Horses!  Thanks for having us over!

Miles giving the Freedman Boys a tour of his Pirate Ship.  Uncle Diddy was worried if the ship could hold us all and thankfully it did!

Uncle Brett be prepared for Miles interest in medicine.  He spent a large portion of our visit giving me shots to cure all my illnesses.  Maybe one day there will be a Dr. Miles Blackard-Freedman?

Bax and Uncle Heath enjoying a book.  

Royal rumble as the little guys all go after the ball!  Thank You Grandma Brenda for your patience with all of the fun and games!

Dr. Miles instructing Aunt Sarah and Bax on what immunization he will be delivering shortly to them both.

Who knew these little guys loved dancing so much!  I know its not in the Freedman/Feinstein genes.

Baxter trying to climb over Grandma Brenda's table to give hugs and kisses to Tate and Grandma Brenda.

The best part of living on a farm is the tractors!   Ya-Hoo!

No were talking!  Uncle Heath, Tate and Baxter all go for a tractor ride.  

Miles and Bax playing a game of chicken.  Boys will be boys!

Thanks again for the visit Uncle Heath, Miles, Tate and Grandma Brenda!  The farm, animals, tractors, family and food were amazing as always!  

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