Saturday, August 17, 2013

Week 89: August 11 - August 17

Look who found a puppy at the mall.

Not a great Sunday...Daddy went away for work and I have a 102 temperature...let's hope tomorrow is better.

Baxter's first trip to watch a movie at the theater...good thing the movie was about chipmunks and not this scary monster.

Enjoying an excellent pizza dinner with Grandpops and Mommy

Lunch at the farmer's market

Looking for butterflies at the museum

Investigation all the native North Carolina animal species

Roar...this museum has everything!

More fun at the museum.

And...the best part of the museum..the misting lot.  Bax could have spent hours here.

Last stop at the museum...petting zoo.  Oink Oink.

Time for a haircut

Midway though...what a handsome young man.

And, the finished product - with a lollypop reward for being such a good boy!

 Just the boys - out for breakfast

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