Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Week 167: February 8 - February 14

Cleaning up crumbs

Sharing a juice box at Whole Foods

This is what happens when Mommy asks Baxter to watch Benny while she unpacks the car...what a GREAT big brother!

Bumper cars...

Bungee Jumping....

Paw Patrol....

and cake...Happy Birthday, Asher.  Your birthday party was awesome!

Who knew pretending to be a baby would draw such a big audience?

Hanging with my school buddies

Delivering Valentines to my amigos

Cooking class at the Y...lets get chopping!

Helping decorate for the big Valentine's Day Dance


Mommy's Valentines

Is it time to dance yet?

Groovy glasses!

Taking a dance break with Felix

Thanks for the Valentine's Day present, Grandma!

Who wouldn't want this little cutie for their Valentine?

A trip to the science center is always fun!

Especially when it's followed by a trip to the ice-cream shop!

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