Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Week 168: February 15 - February 21

Where's our food?

A last minute trip to Chattanooga...we've missed the aquarium

A break with the boys

Water from a sippy cup...Benny is growing so fast!

Snow Day (1 of 7....this 1/2 inch of snow has shut down the city for a week!)

Warming up with some hot cocoa

Lunch date with Emma
3 year check-up time:
38 1/4 inches - 55%
32.8 lbs. - 54%

6 month check up:
27 1/4 inches - 58%
17 lbs. 5 oz. - 35%

Listening to Grandpops

Ready for potty training?  We wish...

Packing for our Florida trip...we couldn't have planned this for a better time - Nashville is COLD!

Florida bound...

Bennett's first flight!

We had nothing to worry about...he did great (even with an earache)!

Nice to meet you, Grandma Sherry!

Teaching Grandma Sherry & Bennett about Paw Patrol

Couldn't leave Gramps out of the Paw Patrol fun.

Checking out the catch(es) of the day

Picking dinner at the seafood market

Yikes...don't get to close to the mouth

Good morning, Gramps...glad to see someone wakes up at the same time as me!

Now we know why Baxter loves feeding goats!

Yowza...this bear is really close.

Glad we came back to this zoo...it's the best!

Watch this, Bennett...

Our turn!  

Finally, Baxter is asleep and I can play with Blade Ranger

Enjoy your puppy pretzel, Martha Grace!

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