Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 178: April 26 - May 2

Snack time with Oscar

Finally, a place where I can jump off furniture!

The best part of the zoo!

It only took 5 trips around the carousel before choosing the tiger...but a mighty fine choice!

Busy day = exhausted Baxter

Sharing a snack with the Barnes' after gymnastics

Happier on 2 feet these days

Ice cream sandwiches with Emma

Burning off some energy after cooking class

Taking a break from shopping at Whole Foods

We LOVE the farmer's market!

Waiting for my 1st haircut!

Shopping for some styling products for my new do

Now I know why Daddy and Baxter love the barber shop...this is fun!

What a handsome Benny!

Sunny days are the best!

Fun times with Ian & Marshall

Go Cubs!

Cooling off with Mommy's beer

So close to walking

Festivals are fun!

The best part of the festival?

Or was it all the icy treats?

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