Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 179: May 3 - May 9

Ready for a great week!

Quickly finishing a puzzle before heading to Grandpop's house

Grandpop's pool is it really feels like summer

Look what Baxter reeled in

Benny's newest toy (though this might be the first and only time he gets to use it since his big brother suddenly needs a walker toy)

Found a new friend at the park

Happy to be picnicking 

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo with some guacamole at school

The 3 Amigos (Baxter, Judah & Townes)

It's water table time!

Photography by Baxter...not a bad shot

Our farmer's market is open...and the strawberries are GREAT!

And the grilled cheese isn't too bad.

Can you believe this lil guy has trouble sleeping?

Yay!  Grandma's here!

All aboard the B&B Train

Giving Grandma a puzzle lesson

Poor Bennett...he's never gonna get a turn on his Lightning McQueen car

Chicken Chase Festival - pig petting

Goat petting

And turkey petting...not a bad turn out at the petting zoo!

Playing soccer with Townes while listening to Ms. Amaia on the keyboard

Cheetos, Tatoos, shirtless...we've officially got a lil hillbilly

What's cooking Brian?

90+ Degrees in May...we're in for a rough summer

Thank goodness for sprinklers!

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