Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Week 204: October 25 - October 31

Good morning!

The 3 Amigos watching the Titans game

Half Time

Go Titans!

Pumpkin painting time!

Enough prep...let's get painting!

Library day!

Well, if they are gonna wrestle, it's good to see smiles...

High Fives

First Halloween Party (at school) was a success...check out all our candy!


Who knew M&Ms made bumble bees so happy?

Baxter was right...Halloween is FUN!  And, candy is AWESOME!

Halloween Donuts to start off the big day (because we need more sugar today)

Burning off a little energy before the real fun starts.

Bring it on...this guy is ready!

Nope, it's not half time, just not into the game right now!

Good thing little B has a trick-or-treating pro to teach him the ropes

It's finally time!!!!  

First stop....

And the best part...time to enjoy!

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