Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 207: November 15 - November 21

Sunday funday at the park


A blurry picture - but just a reminder that Baxter is doing AWESOME with his swim lessons

Enjoying a beautiful fall day with the Barnes'

About to hop into that giant pile of leaves

And we thought Benny was the climber....

Spaghetti night...this guy is on his 3rd bowl - definitely a favorite meal!

Headed into the bounce house!

Making birthday cookies for school pals

Benny loves boots

Playing a fun game of baseball with Blake

Taking a joy ride

Wrestling with Rorey

Headed to the zoo

Getting ready to terrorize some zoo animals

What a cool cat

Look out goats...

Nothing better that being with a buddy at the zoo


Playing the dinosaur game with Rorey

And with Ian

And with Mabel

"Dad, I need a quarter!"

Watch this guy in action

Headed out on the rink for a first attempt at skating (he needs some practice)

Bumper cars!

Pizza time

Happy Birthday to our Big 4 year old!

And finishing the party with presents...This party at Circus World was GREAT!

Playing with new toys with Colette

Thanks, Aunt Laura & Uncle Justin - a SpiderMan "camping bag"

Looks like these party animals are ready for bed...

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