Thursday, December 3, 2015

Week 208: November 22 - November 28

Opening some birthday presents

Wow!  A Spiderman Scooter!

Taking the Pittsburgh crew to our favorite donut shop


Watching the magic happen

Heading into the Grand Old Opry

Hanging out with Trace Adkins, backstage

Fun at the Opry with Rorey

Can't wait to be back at the Opry to watch the Grinch in a month....

Devouring Superhero cookies

Story time with Mr. Andrew

Mommy's little laundry helper

Look closely...That's Baxter in the boat

Upset because it's not snack time yet

Is that Benny way up there?

Getting pretty for Thanksgiving

Opening presents from them!

Apparently, dining out with Daddy means chairs are optional

On the shuttle to the airport....Cleveland, here we come!

Happy Thanksgiving, Tate....we're finally here!

Getting a big hug from Grandpa

It's nice to have a big cousin to give me a push

4 little turkeys waiting for turkey

Best Buddies

Turkey time!

Thanksgiving desserts...even better than Aunt Darcy's wonderful meal!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving comas

Burning off some Thanksgiving lbs at the nature center

Aunts Cousins on a log

And, the 4th cousin on a log

Picking up birthday cake #2

Snack time with Debbie & Joe

Watching the Good Dinosaur with some great snacks

Finally escaped from those wild boys to get some 1 on 1 time with Uncle Heath

The birthday boys!

Baxter's Birthday Breakfast at the Blackards'

More presents...and it's not even my birthday yet!

I scored some great Browns if only the Browns could score...

Playing with my new bus and my new buddy

Partying with cousins at Chuck-e-Cheese

Ride em, cowboy!

Cousins in a cup

This ride is making Isabella and I sick...

Well, that's one to win ski ball

Zombie Pirates - the best game here!

Blasting Zombies

Snowmobiling with Uncle Heath

Silent drums...we need these!

1/2 way through our Cleveland trip and having so much fun!

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