Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 227: April 3 - April 9

Reaping the rewards of a trip to the grocery store

Picnic time before play time


Swinging with Edie

Check out those shoes

Dinner photography by Baxter (who will do anything to avoid eating lasagna)

3 amigos at soccer

Kneading some pizza dough (and tasting a bit)

We LOVE the ceiling TV at the dentist

Climbing the compost pile...what could be more fun?

Saturday soccer game - 4 goals!!!!

Opening day at the baseball field.  Coach Ryan and Benny got to participate while Baxter was busy scoring some soccer goals

Here's our little Cubbie Bear ready for his first game

PB&J face

Happy Birthday, Veronica!

What a yummy rainbow cake...Ms. Katie outdid herself this year!

Another great birthday party!

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