Sunday, April 24, 2016

Week 229: April 17 - April 23

Trying out the whip cream to make sure it's good enough for our waffles

Did I get any cream cheese on my face?

Enjoying a bagel before heading to the Y

Practicing eating ice cream in anticipation of our upcoming surgeries

Popcorn at the park

Hiding from Daddy

All checked in and ready for surgery

Playing a quick game in the waiting room

Reading up to make sure this medical equipment is in tip-top shape

Let's get this show on the road


Tubes are in!  Snuggle bug for 5 minutes, then back to good ol Benny!

Headed back to the OR for tubes, tonsils, adenoids, and duct surgery...see you in 1 1/2 hours

Post-op lunch.  Apparently surgery makes you hungry

This wasn't as much fun as promised...where's that ICEE?

Thanks to everyone for our care packages...sure makes recovery fun!

We don't get to see this very often - but love when we do!

Benny's back to school which means games, movies and popsicles for this guy!

Not feeling to bad to help with the garden

Popsicle #43

Helping Debbie with some work

Collecting cash at the yard sale


Bax is still on pain meds, but life is getting back to normal

But we still need to meet our daily ice-cream quota

Lucky duck gets all the treats his sore-throated brother gets

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