Sunday, June 12, 2016

Week 236: June 5 - June 11

All ready to start summer reading class

A quick stop at Pied Piper after a successful reading class

Hanging with the Barneses at the pool

Not really interested in swimming today

Little sous chefs

Getting ready for friends and Ms. LaTerra to arrive for Tuesday morning fun

Our neighbors now have chickens AND ducks - hard not to trespass

Digging for treasure at the park

Snacking on a fresh picked carrot from the garden

Some Father's Day prep

Outside art is always a hit

Science fun at the library...lots of explosions!

Gimme some of those bubbles!

Good Morning

Now that the new entrance is finished at the zoo, we can finally enjoy the macaws again

Sea Creatures and Mabel....2 of Baxter's favorite things

Petting these guys never gets old

Look who we ran into at Fun Friday at DancEast....Oscar & Raylan - it's gonna be a great day!

I guess dancing tired this guy out

A double nap and a fun time...we love camp!

Celebrating Father's Day early in Nashville - we love you, Daddy!

Tasting Daddy's present

After devouring ALL the peach samples at the farmer's market, of course we had to actually buy some

A package for Benny from Cleveland

Some hand-me-downs from Miles & Tate...that will definitely be put to good use

Happy Father's Day, Grandpops!

Gotta try out your present, also

It's all fun & games at reading class

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