Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 237: June 12 - June 18

Pancake helpers

Feeding the ducks their Sunday brunch

Walking Shamous on the new YMCA nature trail

Shamous taking Benny for a walk around the parking lot

Having fun...just before a big fall

Haircut time again

Daddy's barber shop is open for business

Fun in the sun

Look who went poo poo on the potty (2x)!!!!!

Watching the big red bucket fill with water until...


Some pre-dinner fun at Chick-fil-A

More fries please

This just keeps getting better


Chick-Fil-A family night has a balloon man!

Someone loves his new turtle!

Yay!  Grandma's here to babysit while Mom & Dad go to San Francisco.

Ice cream play date with the Barrenness

And a car wash with rainbow bubbles

And fossil spending the day with these guys!

Love spending time with Grandma...when are Mom and Dad leaving again?????

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