Monday, December 12, 2016

Week 262: December 4 - December 10

Our little Christmas Elf

It's time to decorate the tree!

The finishing touch!

This guy is officially obsessed with football.  Duplicating all the plays on TV with his new game!

It's finally party time!

Are those bubbles on my head?

Dr. Evil sure had some cool experiments

One last experiment...making bouncy balls!

Getting a little help from Laura, Mabel & Liam

Time for the cake!


And the best part...presents!  We have such AWESOME friends.  What a great 5th birthday!

And, now time to celebrate, fiesta style!

Look at this cool cat.

December self portrait time!

Killing some time at the library before story time

5 year check up:
43 1/2 inches - 62 percentile
44 pounds - 72 percentile
and...another case of strep....:(

This hot cocoa sure tastes good on my throat

No strep, but another ear infection.  These guys just can't catch a break

Peppermint oranges at the Barnes'  Ms. Christie's special Christmastime treat

One last birthday celebration with Grandpops...had to wait until everyone was healthy.

This guy is ready to hop aboard the potty train!  Potty training starts today!

Lots of accidents, but a lot of enthusiasm!  Someone really wants to be a Big Boy (or at least get a lot of potty candy)

Snack time!

Uh oh!  Woke up from nap tired, cranky and with a fever (and no interest AT ALL in continuing potty training).  So we quit.  We'll try again next month.

Well, if we can't use M&Ms for potty candy, we'll use them for Christmas cookies!

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