Monday, December 26, 2016

Week 264: December 18 - December 24

Doing some digging while we wait for Santa

When in Tennessee....

Look at that Gar

Passing time at Bass Pro

Born to ride

Finally, Santa time.  On the list this year - Football helmets & Pokemon cards

Applesauce addicts

Bouncing break

The 3 Amigos

Train time

It's been a while since this guy has been to story time

Bath time beverage

Donuts & kisses

It's Christmas cookie time

Taste tester

Back at the doctor for a checkup after last weekend's respiratory issues. It's a Christmas miracle - healthy!
Checking out the football lineup with Gramps

Little pastry chefs

Playing some b-ball with the boys while Mom & Grandma Sherry get massages

Eating a great dinner for Gramps & Grandma Sherry while Mommy & Daddy enjoy a night out

Showing Gramps & Grandma Sherry & Martha Grace ALL the toys...

Christmas Eve at the Grinch.  Another Christmas miracle - Benny sat through the entire show!!!!

Tackling Grandpops

Christmas Eve at the Freedman's

Jingle jams weren't such a hit this year....

Happy 1st day of Hannukah

Writing a last minute note for Santa

Cookies & carrots waiting for Santa

Hoping Santa makes a stop here soon!

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