Monday, April 3, 2017

Week 278: March 26 - April 1

Listening to some tracks at Jack White's studio

Twin tigers

Tiger buddies saying goodbye


Why is compost so much fun to play on?

Yay!  Our cousins are finally here!

What a treat...bedtime books with Miles

Walking Baxter to school

Another beautiful day in Nashville

Back at our favorite cave

Back at the gym

Job well done at our last little ninja class

Heading to meet cousins for some music and dinner

Loving this live music scene in Nashville

These boys love to boogy!

What a cool cat!

Today couldn't get better.  School cancelled for non-existent tornados, extra time to spend with cousins AND donuts!

This guy still has school, but at least he gets a donut before class starts.

Best buddies

Showing Tate some soccer skills?

Yay!  Grandma Sherry & Gramps are in town!

Hooray!  What a great day!

Happy Birthday, Grandma Sherry!

Waiting for swim lessons with Daddy

Grandma's little bundle of love

First soccer game of the season.  Two goals!

Couldn't leave Gramps and Grandma Sherry out of the donut fun....and who doesn't want donuts twice in one week?

Shoe shopping for WAS a really fun week!

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