Sunday, April 16, 2017

Week 280: April 9 - April 15

Sunday morning smiles

Snuggle time

Another Sunday at the zoo

A bunch of little monkeys

Cooling down with Shamous

Preparing for football season

Teaching Mommy about dinosaurs

Getting ready to play the Cubs

Another week of fevers in the afternoon....what is going on with this guy?????

Not too sick to get into the Easter egg dye

Playtime after school

April self portrait

Watch Benny's class Easter egg hunt!

Oh no!  Shamous has a detached retina...poor little guy

Congratulations, Daddy!  Hope you love your new job!

It's finally time to dye eggs!!!!!!

Fun times!

An early Easter egg hunt

Yahoo...we found one!

Checking out our goodies

Best buddies!!!!

Best buddies!!!!

Game 1 of a double header.  Go Indians!

While the Indians are playing ball, these guys are watching a dung beetle carry some dog poop.  Wonder who's having more fun????

Dude's night!

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