Sunday, December 28, 2014

Week 160: December 20 - December 27

Taking notes at church

Christmas is almost here....

Sharing a BLT with Grandma

Bennett's first baby story time

Playing under the parachute with Bax

Doing an experiment at the Science Center

An early Christmas present / late birthday present.  Either way, I love it...thanks, Gerwes!

It's Christmas Eve!

All bundled up for ICE! at Opryland

Can you believe this is all ice...brrrrr.

What a great Christmas bring on the presents!

Admiring the flowers at the Opryland Hotel

A quick Christmas Eve nap....but don't worry, I'll be up when Santa gets here

Finally, Christmas presents.  Showing Bennett what the Christmas excitement is all about.

Santa came...and brought a stocking full of goodies!

Bennett in his first ever Jingle Jams

Enjoying books in the new cocoa house (Baxter has named the tent where his imaginary bunnies, Tito & Maurice live, the cocoa house????)

Showing Grandpops around the cocoa house

Thanks Grandpops!  I love my new fire bike!!!!

Someone likes Christmas!

Stopping to pet some goats at Santa's village after admiring the Christmas lights at Jellystone.  We had a GREAT Christmas this year.  Thanks to everyone for all the presents and Christmas wishes!

I don't seem to get as many puppy kisses as Baxter, but I still love them!

Yum, avocados are definitely better than green beans

Reading a new Christmas book with Daddy

Check out Bennett's Christmas present to us.....

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